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  • Professional signs directing you to the location.
  • Information boxes with brochures directing you to the sale at major intersections adjacent to sell site.
  • Professionally advertised in the local newspapers and internet in your city and surrounding towns and cities and updated daily.
  • Being greeted professionally and pleasantly upon entering the premises.
  • Professionally staged as an ESTATE sale with never any clutter and items off floors properly displayed.
  • Display of professional information signage inside and outside the sale site to inform buyers of policies, procedures, special interest and pricing.
  • Have items organized in a manner for customers to make an easy pleasant buying decision with every item clearly priced with professional pre printed price tags.​
  • Experienced staff knowledgeable in values and pricing items based on value, economic trends and buying patterns.
  • Security provided to help direct cars and secure valuables.
  • Staff size to accommodate any potential buyer’s questions or concerns.
  • Provide display tables to help display large collections of glass and collectibles.
  • Have glassware clean, knickknacks dusted, linens cleaned and folded.
  • Have the money collected in a computerized systematic way and secured.
  • Computerized accounting of inventory and sales.
  • All monies are deposited in an insured account.
  • Bonded and Insured.
  • References by Clients, Customers, business and Personal.
  • Member of the BBB and NAA.

Why A Better Choice as your Professional Estate Sale Service is the Right Choice

30 Years of the best Estate Sale & Estate Liquidation Services. Estate Auction Services are available anytime.

A Better Choice Estate Sales Estate Liquidations

Know What to Expect and How to Make the Right Choice

On the occasion when a family member or members downsize, move, pass away or sells it often involves how to deal with liquidating a large amount of the household items the person owns or owned. One very popular way to do this is by having an estate sale. Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation. Another option is to hire A Better Choice for this service. Here are tips to help you to understand that A Better Choice has your best interest in mind.

What Should You Expect From A Better Choice

A Better Choice will asses the value of the items in the household and make price recommendations. We will come prepared with price references, a camera, and 30 years experience of pricing estate sale items .

A Better Choice will want to work for and with you for the event, including preparations prior to the sale. A Better Choice is interested in being consistent with how the estate sale is presented in every step. We have regular customers who appreciate the standards that A Better Choice provides.

A Better Choice will discuss every step of the process with you. Feel free to ask questions and let us provide you with peace of mind when signing the contract. Most contracts are sale specific and can be adjusted to your individual needs so smile we covered that too.
 We Check Current antique and collectable books, Auctions and internet sites for ideas on what items sell for (not just what they appraise for) and verify that our prices are spot on today's market price.

Before the Sale Don’t Throw anything away.

When you begin preparing a home for an estate sale don’t throw away any items until you have A Better Choice walk through the home.

Unexpected items of value include:

  • Cleaning and Gardening supplies

  • Old magazines

  • Children's games and dolls

  • Logo-type ashtrays (such as ashtray from casino's that no longer exist)

  • Sports memorabilia (All Types)

  • Costume jewelry

  • Vintage or dated clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, gloves)

  • Books, music albums and 8-tracks

  • Photographs

  • Dated kitchen utensils, bowls, everyday dishes

  • Chipped, broken dishes or glassware

And the things you think have no value

A Better Choice

is doing things right: