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What can A Better Choice do for me?
WE are a COMPLETE one stop service providing company.  A Better Choice liquidates     everything from your Estate as you request. As you read other FAQ’s you will understand whether you need Estate Sale services, Auction services or total Clean Out services A Better Choice can handle any and every job.

Who are Estate Sales for? 
Anyone needing to liquidate the mass majority of an estate by means of loss of a loved one, relocating, downsizing or senior moving services.

What is the process of the Estate Sale? 
A Better Choice can take care of everything. All Estate sales we promote come with a full staff to Stage the contents in a professional manner, Price items with professional pricing tags, research the best way to sell specialty items and professionally evaluate rare items when needed. All items are arranged on tables, jewelry cases and knick-knack cases. We will advertise on line, in local news papers and our list of specialty hobby and collector groups. We use our extensive customer mailing list and professional directional signage with address specific to your sale. Our process enables us multiple possibilities at trying to gain the highest possible prices for you. Additionally our customers enjoy a clean, well presented sale with enthusiasm and professionalism. We usually stage a sale 1 week prior to the sale and then have a three day or two day sale on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

What Geographical areas do you service?
A Better Choice covers the entire state of Georgia and most of the South East

What is your commission? 
A Better Choice charges a commission rate on the gross sale of the proceeds. Estate Sale Companies in general charge a commission rate of 25%-65% depending on the size and quality of the sale and the services provided. Some even charge some upfront fees. A Better Choice never charges any up front fees and always works on a commission base of proceeds only. Additionally we offer a lower commission rate on items such as Autos, Boats, RV’s, High End Jewelry and more. To get an exact quote for your sale call us for a no commitment no cost to you in home free consultation to discuss your specific needs. No matter what the service we provide the fees for any and all services come out of the total gross receipts from your products sold. Never Any upfront cost to you. 

How long does an Estate Sale stay open for?
Most of our sales are done for 3 days (Thursday - Saturday). However some have been only for 2 days and others as much as 5 days depending on the sale size and circumstances. Most sale hours are 9am-4pm except Sunday which are discussed on a per sale basis. Each sale is different so sale hours can vary depending on your sales specific circumstances.

Does everything have to go? Can I keep some things?
You can keep anything you like. When we do an in home consultation we will discuss the items you would like to keep. We even offer a service to take it to storage, your new place or ship it for you or a family member. Turn Key Moving Services are also available from A Better Choice.

How do I reserve a time for an Estate Sale? 
Most clients’ book their estate sale 3-6 weeks in advance. This is a good rule however some estates take much more time to liquidate while others take less. If you need a sale done within a week or two it can be accommodated also. A Better Choice always has one of their owners overseeing every sale. Therefore we can do multiple sales at the same time. Short notices are not a problem, we will provide a solution.

When is the best time to have an Estate Sale?
Repeat Customers who shop Estate Sales do this all year. For this reason any month is good including the winter. Usually Sales show higher traffic and revenues when done on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.However mid-week sales have proven successful also. Area, size of sale and weather are just a few variables that dictate sale dates.

What items can be sold? 
It’s true that most anything and everything can be sold at an estate sale that is legal. However don’t be fooled by a company telling you anything and everything until you know what they are licensed and experienced to sell. For example firearms must be sold by a licensed Estate Sale company through FFL license or Auctioneers license. Toxic Chemicals and Alcohol cannot be sold at all. Food can only be sold by an Estate Sale company licensed by the health department to do so. A Better Choice and its associates are licensed to *Estate sale everything except toxic chemicals and alcohol. We even have a licensed Real Estate Agent on staff to market the real estate if you need us too. It is a good policy to not throw anything away until A Better Choice is hired and we see everything. What might be your trash could be another’s treasure and they will pay money for it.

What advertising and Marketing should I expect? 
Your sale will be displayed professionally on multiple internet sites along with pictures and descriptions. Specialty items will be placed in specific market areas around the internet. We will advertise in local papers, use professionally printed directional signs with your address on them, info boxes and pre-printed material handed out at our other sales to promote yours.

What percentage of items sell?
A Better Choice on average will sell 90%-95% of all the items. What is left over usually fits into one of these three categories. Large and small High Prices Items, charity items and just plain trash. This is just one of many areas that sets A Better Choice apart from the other Estate Sale Companies. We are also an Auction Company who’s owners are licensed Auctioneers.  Therefore we can take the items left and sell them through our Auction process and remove the rest to charity and trash leaving you with a 100% Guarantee that everything of value will be sold and your property will be empty and swept clean.  

Do you think my stuff is worth selling?
Items for sell do not have to be Antiques, collectibles or high end items. Fact is the small items and lower priced items sell better and quicker than most anything else. We do sell everything  so whatever you have we will get it sold to someone at some price.

This place looks like a hoarder lived here what do we do?
Do not be ashamed or embarrassed with the condition of hoarding. A Better Choice has a specialized team trained and experienced in the clean up and removal of the hoarding problem. During our on site evaluation we will go over every aspect of the hoarding removal process. As always A Better Choice will always strive to get maximum proceeds for our clients valuables.

I have more Questions.

If you don't find your question or info on this site or in the FAQ's please feel free to call us at 770-633-7445 and we will be happy to answer your questions promptly.